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Alseal MS PRO AS4033 Polymer Flooring Adhesive 600ml Sausage Redwood Box 20


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One more environmentally friendly Alseal product for your convenience AS-4033 MS PRO. Every box of 20 comes with a free application trowel*.

This environmentally friendly Alseal product is specially designed according to Australian flooring installers’ feedback. MS PRO AS-4033 is available in sausage packages only. The formula was created based on the main flooring adhesive AS-4030. MS PRO is higher density adhesive which makes it less runny and prevents dripping from the nozzle of the sausage applicator. Featuring faster adhering of timber planks to the subfloor all thanks to its advanced technology formula and elastomeric properties.

MS PRO adhesive works with a wide variety of substrates and materials in the construction industry. MS PRO adhesive is a easy clean-up from prefinished surfaces without cleaning chemicals. Dried adhesive can be removed with a plastic scraper. Alseal AS-4033 MS PRO doesn’t contain toxic materials such as isocyanate and solvent. Therefore, it is 100% solid. Doesn’t shrink and crack. Permanently flexible, which allows timber for slight movements due to different environment humidity and temperatures. In addition, during the creation process of adhesive, our specialists take into point the color of the adhesive. It is named Redwood, the closest color to solid timber flooring. Thanks to its properties, the adhesive AS-4033 MS PRO can be used as a joint sealant for expansion gaps. MS PRO has been tested according to ASTM C719 standard and meets 25 class requirements and has ±25% movement capability.

Colour: Redwood

Also available in a single 600ml sausage. Click here.

*while stocks last.

Weight 20.00 kg
Dimensions 36.00 × 26.00 × 22.00 cm


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