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Alseal Timber Adhesive 5560 500g


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AlSeal Timber Adhesive 5560 is a fast setting water-based adhesive suitable for bonding in woodworking applications. White colour before when wet but turns clear and colourless dried. It dries to form a strong bond between timbers. It applies smoothly and cleans up using water.

Suitable for the bonding of moisture-sensitive timber in wood flooring applications, parquet or mosaic, industrial parquet and floorboards of all types of wood, multi-layer pre-finished parquet of the small format. It may be used on cement-based screeds, wooden substrates, shipboard panels, Masonite panels etc.


  • Fast setting
  • High solid content (Low water content)
  • Bonding moisture-sensitive timber
  • Dry colour: Clear
  • Notched trowel ridges will hold firm
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