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Quikbrace Pneumatic Floor Clamp Complete in Plastic Box


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Quikbrace Pneumatic Floor Clamp

Why Choose QuikBrace –  Flooring Installer

Flooring Clamps: Features & Benefits of QuikBrace Flooring Installer

The air-driven ram provides a fast, constant pressure that automatically takes up slack as boards are tightened into position.

QuikBrace is user-friendly: no prior experience is needed to produce a professional result. The QuikBrace spike anchor makes it fast and easy to reposition as the job progresses. The separate joist/batten plate provides a fix-off anchoring on joists that won’t rip out. The QuikBrace push/pull head gives two holding and bracing points for multiple fixings. The QuikBrace wall foot allows you to easily tuck in the boards in last board positions without nailing. The QuikBrace 3-location push/pull head position makes it adjustable for all areas of the floor and board widths. QuikBrace is strong! It can clamp and tighten multiple rows of boards at once, so nail fixing is needed only every 4-10 boards. Your floor will be much more glue reliant as all manufacturers recommend.

You’ll be able to sand the finished floor faster and with much less over-sanding because it sits flatter, with much less board pitch. The QuikBrace is faster and more flexible over concrete and tiles for direct stick floors because no drilled anchor points are required.Place board ready for nailing in seconds, no damage to board or subfloor, no hitting, no kicking, no chiselling and no prying into place. Over the last 12 years, hundreds of tradies have been using QuikBrace to lay flooring & decking easier and faster, giving them a physical, financial and competitive advantage.

Average time saved: 20 seconds per lineal metre (lm) of boarding laid, so with an average job of 400 lm total time saved is 8,000 seconds!

That’s total time saved of over 2 hours per day!

Weight 15.00 kg
Dimensions 55.00 × 37.00 × 13.00 cm


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