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Polivac SV25 SuperVac Gen II Low Speed Rotary Sander with 400 Watt Vac Motor Canister


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The new generation SV25 Slow Speed Supervac Sander is cleaverly designed to provide ultimate reliability and durability. Equipped with a long-life triple planetary industrial gear drive, which is the strongest for grinding and sanding applications. The all-metal motor cawl and capacitor boxes provide better protection to critical components.

A heavier sander than the regular SV25 Supervac, it comes fitted with extra weight which offers the ideal downward pressure. The Supervac model is comes with a 400-watt long life motor fitted into the dust canister which has a supported by-pass dust separator for superior dust extraction, significantly reducing indoor dusty mess post completion of the sanding job. You can easily fit paper bags in the sander which makes easy for you to dispose of dust particles collected during the sanding job. Featuring height adjustable ergonomic handles to help make the job easier.

Because this vacuum sander can be used for scrubbing or stripping applications after switching off the vacuum motor, it helps you complete multiple jobs, with just one machine which can increase your productivity.


MOTOR & GEAR BOX: 4 Pole 1.1 kw 50hz, 220-240V

DRIVE PAD SPEED: 40cm (15.7”)



VACUUM: 400-watt long life motor fitted into a dust extractor canister supported with a by-pass dust separator

WEIGHT: 54kg

GEAR BOX: Triple-planetary HD 6.8:1 helical cut industrial gear drive brushes

HANDLE: Height adjustable & Ergonomic design

LEAD: 15-meter, heavy-duty flexible safety rubber

BODY: Industrial enamel & powder coated cast aluminium alloy

FITTER WITH: Universal clutch system

WEIGHT SET: Comes with 3kg extra weight

WARRANTY: 1 year on motor, gearbox & parts

Download the product brochure here for more information.

Weight 22.00 kg
Dimensions 90.00 × 50.00 × 50.00 cm


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