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Oxtek X280 Densi Proof Reo Protect 15L


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Oxtek X280 Densi Proof Reo Protect. A single pack dual application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or old concrete provides curing, permanent waterproofing and protects the steel reinforcement from corrosion. Using this product at time of pour as a curing compound, it will provide significant long term benefits for any structure and will reduce maintenance.

Typical Applications:

  • Bridges, car parks.
  • Excellent for curing.
  • One time permanent application.
  • Easy and safe to apply.
  • Can penetrate beyond 200mm.
  • Waterproofs inside and outside.
  • Preserves concrete’s integrity.
  • Makes concrete more durable.
  • Easy snow/ice removal.
  • Low slip, buffable coating.
  • Prevents efflorescence.
  • Call for Pricing 1800 00 38 39.

Safety Data Sheet

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