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Oxtek X-20 Coolroom & Freezer 2 x 15L Internal Concrete Protection Part A 1st Coat & Part B 2nd Coat 5sqm


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A two componant dual application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or old concrete, provides permanent waterproofing, curing and protection. X-20 Coolroom & Freezer is specifically designed to protect concrete in cold storage facilities. The first application penetrates deeply into the concrete mix matrix providing permananent waterproofing, curing and protection from contamination ingress. The second application provides surface sealing and oil resistance.

Benefits Part A:

  • Permanently waterproofs concrete from any direction
  • Makes concrete impermeable, increasing longevity
  • Exceptional densifier and hardener for concrete
  • Increases tensile & compressive strength
  • Resists freeze thaw damage
  • Limits the environment for fungus and mould growth
  • Retards efflorescence
  • Zero VOC, environmentally friendly, user safe
  • Minimum Site distrubtion, trafficable after 2 hours
  • Stabilses PH
  • After trade friendly

Benefits Part B:

  • Seals surface and resists oild
  • Preserves original appearance
  • Enhances traction quality
  • More stain resistant surface
  • Easier ice/snow removal
  • Retards/Eliminates efflorescence
  • Highly resistant to alkakli attack
  • Improves fungas/mildew resistence
  • UV resistant
  • Odourless, Zero VOC

Typical Applications:

  • Cold Rooms & Freezers
  • Not suitable for rubber tyres

Safety Data Sheet

Weight 15.00 kg
Dimensions 30.00 × 30.00 × 30.00 cm


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