A1 Rubber ACOUSTAMAT 850 Black Underlay 3mm 1.2m x 15L/m Roll AM8503R


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AcoustaMat® 850 Black Rubber Flooring Underlay is an innovative product that uses specially engineered recycled rubber underlays to meet the acoustical requirements of all common construction and installation methods. It can be used as excellent, eco-friendly and cost-effective underlay to timbers, ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, carpets or floor lamination.

  • Unique sound impact attenuating properties.
  • Limits floor to ceiling heights.
  • Permanent resilient elasticity at a lower price.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Premium Australian recycled rubber.
  • Applications:
  • High-rise units, multi-storey townhouses & homes.
  • Under all timber flooring.
  • Under vinyl.
  • Under carpet.
  • Under laminate.
  • Under ceramics.
  • Compliance with Building Code of Australia.

AcoustaMat® has been individually tested at the CSIRO Laboratory in Melbourne in accordance with the requirements of ISO 140-8 – Part 8: Measurement for the reduction in transmitted impact noise by floor coverings on a standard floor. AcoustaMat® complies with ISO 140-6 Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building elements – Part 6: Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of floors. All products were tested at the CSIRO which employed a 150mm concrete slab at the time of testing.

Brief Specifications:

Material: Polymerically bound black recycled rubber, can include re-grind rubber.

Appearance: Black, can have multi-coloured flecks.

Density: 850kg/m²

Weight 18.00 kg
Dimensions 95.00 × 30.00 × 30.00 cm


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